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The mcclaws/trotter wedding

A huge congratulations to newlyweds Savannah McLaws and Caleb Trotter.  They got married on June 15, 2018.  I have known Savannah since she was a little girl and have seen her blossom into a beautiful woman inside and out.  So proud of her and I got to know Caleb and his loving and helpful family as well.  They had their reception at Calebs’ aunt and uncles’ beautiful home.  They were so friendly and generously opened their doors to make the night just right.  We were worried about weather being too hot, but we had a small storm coming through and cooled off the night just in time for the reception.  Thankful for small miracles.  They had tacos, aguas frescas and a night full of dancing and fun.  Photos courtesy of Coco Denham.  

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